Disneyland Paris Recycles Hotel Soaps to Help Those in Need

During Earth Month, Disneyland Paris has been sharing its different initiatives to help protect the environment. Recently, Disneyland Paris shared how it recycles its operational costumes. Now it is sharing how it recycles the soaps found in its hotels to benefit those in need. Check it out here:

In line with its commitment to sustainable development, and in particular its ambitions around recycling and supporting local communities to get into employment, Disneyland Paris has been working with the non-profit SapoCycle to recycle used soaps from hotels since April 2022 to redistribute them to families in need in France.

This collaboration came out of Disneyland Paris’ interest in identifying a solution so that it could recycle the soaps used by guests in all our resort’s hotels. One of SapoCycle’s key roles is making employment accessible to all by offering people with disabilities a stable workplace and income, and it redistributes clean, new recycled soaps to families in need in France. This choice of service provider clearly came down to SapoCycle’s philanthropic approach and ambitions around getting people into employment.

Led by the Hotels Operations Projects & Implementation Team at Disneyland Paris, this work has been made possible by our room cleaning service providers’ support with collection and help from each hotel’s Housekeeping department with checking the compliance of, weighing and dispatching the used soap. 

Over the past year, more than 2,5 tons of soaps have been collected from Disneyland Paris hotels, than recycled and redistributed to around 5600 households in precarious situations.

What do you think of how Disneyland Paris recycles its hotel soaps? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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