Two Captains Log: Star Trek Picard – S3E5 – “Imposters”

It’s time again for a look at Star Trek Picard with a doozy of an episode. The Titan is heading back to Starfleet, but Captain Shaw has already contacted them. The Intrepid intercepts them in order to question Picard and Riker. Meanwhile, Worf and Raffi find the mastermind behind the theft of in Daystrom. In a quick summary, it results in their faking Worf’s death to gain access from a criminal Vulcan to Daystrom. Over on the Titan, Commander Ro Laren questions Picard, while he remains suspicious. While this is happening, Jack is having strange hallucinations and helps him detect changelings. After a long argument between Commander Ro and Admiral Picard, they realize neither is a changeling. Ro has learned that they have infiltrated Starfleet, and she does not even trust transporters. Dr. Crusher performs an autopsy and finds that the changelings can mimic anatomy including blood. The Intrepid ends up being compromised and Ro sacrifices herself to give the Titan a chance to runaway.

Here we go with our thoughts on the episode…


Mr. Daps: “This week’s soundtrack was once again very solid. There weren’t as many themes from the past played as far forward as some episodes but that wasn’t a bad thing. Overall, it supported the story in the way it needed to everywhere it needed to.”

Murray: “The soundtrack really did a great job at adding to each scene. It was a very tense episode and this had the music score to help with this heightened situation.”


Mr. Daps: “Overall, the look this week was great. I don’t really have any complaints. There weren’t a ton of new things either. I think if I were to ding this episode at all it would be that the Intrepid was also a Neo-Constitution class ship as well. I would have liked to see something different. It seems like this is something that has happened in Picard before. They use the same class of Federation ship multiple times. However, beyond that, I thought there were some really interesting designs going on around Jack Crusher and also the changelings.”

Murray: “The look of the changelings makes more sense and is better done in this episode, I think. The look of the Intrepid as a Neo-Constitution class ship is an interesting choice to me.”


Mr. Daps: “I thought this week was a great change of pace for the series, while still moving forward the storylines we have been following. I’m liking how it is building up the conflict in multiple ways, and also providing the occasional misdirection. It also is becoming clearer how the original crew is going to come together. I’m also curious to see how the various relationships are going to develop with Captain Shaw moving forward. I’m glad that basically halfway through the season there are still quite a few questions but stories are being told in a solid way.”

Murray: “The use of Ro Laren in the story and tying into Worf and Raffi’s story as her handler is a great plot. Things are connecting well. The intrigue on the Titan and that storyline was a fun spy plot. I don’t think the Raffi and Worf story was as strong as in other episodes. And Jack’s subplot of what’s happening could have been done in just a couple of scenes. It was still a strong story, nonetheless.”

Hit or Miss?

Mr. Daps: “This episode was a hit for me. I don’t know if it was my favorite episode of the season but it was solid enough. It felt like an episode that was really a builder to whatever is coming next that is bigger. However, I really enjoyed it and loved the appearance of Ro Laren and the impact it had on Picard. This was an emotional episode in many ways and I like to see the characters going on an emotional journey. I’m also very curious to see what is up with Jack. It seems like there are some very clear breadcrumbs being left for the viewer for what is coming with him. I’m really looking forward to next week!”

Murray: “I really enjoyed the episode. I loved the appearance of Ro, and the interaction with her and Picard. The connection between them all and Worf was a great conclusion. But, I’m going to give this episode a ‘Miss’ in comparison to the other episodes this season. Like I said before, the Worf and Raffi storyline felt recycled from a previous episode. Then there was what was happening with Jack which wasn’t needed in so many scenes, I think. It was still an excellent episode, but could have been stronger in such a strong season.”