Two Captains’ Log: Star Trek Picard S3E4 – No Win Scenario

It’s time again for the weekly look at Star Trek Picard. In “No Win Scenario,” the Titan is dealing with free falling into a gravitational well. Riker and Picard make up after a brief argument that resulted in the free fall. Riker also discusses with Seven of Nine how to flush out the changeling that is sabotaging the ship. She is still to be considered insubordinate, but can move about the ship without anyone knowing she’s unofficially reinstated. Picard goes to Jack to get to know him as it seems this will be the last moments for everyone aboard the ship. They recreate Ten Forward in the holodeck and trade stories, but Shaw comes in and interrupts them stating the reason he hates Picard is because he was Locutus. Beverley discovers there’s a pattern to several energy waves. She believes they are contractions and the nebula is actually going to give birth in a way. The OG TNG senior staff plus Jack figure out how to ride the waves and even get energy from them. It requires opening the nacelles, which they recruit Shaw to do with Seven. While they are handling the task, the changeling appears and is thwarted by Seven. The plan works and the ship rides the waves out of the nebula in time to witness the birth of squid-like creatures. They narrowly avoid Vedic who, we find, is at least in cahoots with the changelings. But, Riker throws an asteroid at her (that is not a joke) and they escape. At the last moments of the episode we glimpse Jack’s struggle with a red-like memory and vein substance that scares him terribly.

Here we go with our thoughts on the episode.


Mr. Daps: “The score this week was beautiful. It connected with some other musical moments of the past and had nods to Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner. I can’t wait to listen to the soundtrack for this season and this episode will most likely be a highlight!”

Murray: “This was a great way for the music to shine through. It did an excellent job at basically being a movie score, because that’s what this episode felt like. It isn’t a hugely memorable soundtrack for the episode, but it did very well.”


Mr. Daps: “I thought this week’s design was pretty awesome. I’m curious a little bit about how some of the design of the Changelings connects with other Star Trek Changelings. However, I definitely found the design this week intriguing.”

Murray: “I have a little problem with the Changeling’s liquid forms. Though, it is probably purposeful for who this faction really is. It has a bit of cgi problems for me, though. Other than that, the ship continues to be an outstanding set design. It’s definitely a Neo-Constitution class!”


Mr. Daps: “This week’s story was one that did exactly what I want a good story to do. It takes the viewer on an emotional journey. There were so many moments that just moved the viewer one way or another. There were also some incredible performances throughout the episode, particularly with Captains Shaw and Riker.”

Murray: “This was a movie plot in under an hour. It was fast paced. I’m glad they kept the focus on the Titan instead of jumping to what is happening with Worf and Raffi. The pieces between characters fit together well. The conflicts between Picard and Shaw and Picard and Jack were fueling so much with this story. And I’m glad that Riker and Picard made up so fast.”

Hit or Miss?

Mr. Daps: “This was a definite hit this week. It was everything one could want out of Star Trek. It had heart, it had new life and who knows, maybe there will be a new civilization at some point. Most importantly though, there was plenty of heart and plenty of hope that was created by a crew that comes together. I love how it all tied together and how it continued to build this season and continue the trend of each week pushing the story forward solidly. I can’t wait to see where the rest of this season goes!”

Murray: “This was absolutely a hit for me. It was a classic Next Generation episode in a modern twist. Sure, it might have recycled some Trek tropes, and especially TNG tropes, but it executed those so well. It all fit together for a very action-packed and fan pleasing plot. The comedy hit well too. So far this season continues to impress me.”