Oscar the Grouch Heads to the Friendly Skies With United Airlines

Oscar the Grouch has teamed up with United Airlines to join the friendly skies. He has partnered with the airlines for a series of advertisements focusing on sustainable aviation fuel or SAF. Since that Oscar has been the king of trash for over 50 years, this makes complete sense. In the new ads, Oscar has been hired by United Airlines to be the Chief Trash Office to oversee the development of SAF. Already, there are multiple ads that have been released by the airline. The entire campaign will include more than 30 videos. They will be seen on YouTube. Some can be seen below.

“United has invested in more sustainable aviation fuel production than any airline in the world, by far,” said United Chief Communications Officer Josh Earnest. “Every airline burns jet fuel to run their business, but no airline will solve climate change on its own. So United has enlisted Oscar to help us educate the traveling public of all ages about SAF and rally them to the cause of fighting climate change. From banana peels to fryer grease, Oscar is uniquely qualified to help us explain why trash could be the treasure that fuels the jets of the future.”

In return for Oscar the Grouch joining the campaign United Airlines is supporting Sesame Workshop through a donation to the nonprofit educational organization’s Welcome Sesame initiative. Sesame Workshop will also be included in United Airlines’ Miles on a Mission, where travelers will be able to donate miles to help support its global mission to help children grow smarter stronger and kinder.

United Airline is aiming to be 100% green” by 2050. SAF is made mainly from recycled food and agricultural waste. It cuts greenhouse emissions by 80% compared to traditional jet fuel. The challenge is that is can cost as much as 8 times more than regular fuel. The airline industry, however, has vowed to use SAF for 10% of its global fuel supply by 2030.

United – Now Hiring: Chief Trash Officer

United – Introducing Our Chief Trash Officer, Oscar the Grouch

United – Oscar the Grouch’s First Day as Our Chief Trash Officer

United – Chief Trash oFficer Oscar the Grouch Learns How Trash Could Fly

What do you think of this new campaign from United Airlines with Oscar the Grouch? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts about this campaign in the comments below!

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