‘Music From Mickey’s Toontown’ to Be Released by Disney

For many guests who have been able to visit Mickey’s Toontown since it opened on March 19, 2023, one of the highlights has been all of the fun tunes that have been included in the music of the land. Soon fans will be able to listen to it from the comfort of wherever they happen to be.

Music From Mickey’s Toontown is set to be released on March 24, 2023 by The Toontown Tooners. A closer look at this playlist that is already available on Spotify shows that the music is copyrighted by Disney and Walt Disney Records. The full album will be available on the Spotify link below on March 24 when the playlist goes live. It includes 15 tracks and is 25 minutes and 33 seconds long. The playlist is as follows:

  1. My Happy Place – Chantry Johnson, Jessica Freedman
  2. Hot Dog! – The Toontown Tooners
  3. The Spectrum Song – The Toontown Tooners
  4. Strolling Along – The Toontown Tooners
  5. Walking and Whistling – The Toontown Tooners
  6. Playtime Shuffle – The Toontown Tooners
  7. Mickey Mouse Club March – The Toontown Tooners
  8. Lazy Bounce – The Toontown Tooners
  9. I2I – The Toontown Tooners
  10. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme – The Toontown Tooners
  11. Happy Days – The Toontown Tooners
  12. The Homespun Medley – The Toontown Tooners
  13. Afternoon Sun – The Toontown Tooners
  14. Nothing Can Stop Us Now – The Toontown Tooners
  15. Mousin’ Around – The Toontown Tooners

The album will also arrive on other music streaming services as well. What do you think of it so far? Are you excited? What’s your favorite track on the album? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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