Indiana Jones Adventure Reopens at Disneyland After Three Month refurbishment

Indiana Jones Adventure opened once again at Disneyland after a three month refurbishment. During the last three months, the attraction has been getting some tender loving care and a few upgrades. This included some new powers for Mara. Throughout the attraction, things looked brighter and crisper and the snake was once again back in action.

“Our additions to Indiana Jones Adventure add touches of new magic that enhance its already established storyline,” Imagineering executive creative director Kim Irvine said in a statement released by Disneyland to the OC Register. “Mara taunts guests even further with a powerful, electric-like energy and frenetic apparitions. This force of Mara turns a possible passageway escape into a rubble of dust.”

Below are videos of the reopened Indiana Jones Adventure, one with the queue and one with just the attraction.

Indiana Jones Adventure – Reopening Day

Indiana Jones Adventure and Queue – Reopening Day at Disneyland

The reopening day of Indiana Jones Adventure found the attraction with multi-hour waits. For this video, I (Mr. Daps) got in line at 9:20 AM and boarded the attraction at around 11:00 AM. The attraction did go down while I was in line but then reopened. Their boulder scene also did not work when this video was filmed. However, it seemed to have been working earlier in the day.

While the refurbished Indiana Jones Adventure does include enhancements, it does not have any connections with Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny which will be in theaters in June. What do you think of the return of the Indiana Jones Adventure? What do you think of the enhancements and upgrades? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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