The Next Step of Disney and Positive Stuff: A Kinder Community

Recently we announced what Daps stands for as we are moving forward. We shared that Daps means Disney And Positive Stuff as we strive to be a positive force in the Disney and geek communities. After all, we are fans for a reason! It’s because we care about our various fandoms.

We also care about our fellow fans. We are working to build a community that reflects fandom in a positive way that cares about the what we are fans of and also our fellow fans. At the core of this we believe that kindness is absolutely essential in this movement. We believe that kindness is a basic principle for an incredible community. We believe it also creates a foundation that allows fans to geek out about things together in a more effective way. When fans, or friends, are kind they can disagree without being disagreeable. They can be critical without being cruel. They can create something incredible with plenty of possibility rather then destroy the possibilities of tomorrow.

Today, as we strive to create a more positive, caring, and kind fan community I would like to introduce Daps Magic’s newest initiative. It is simple and I think it can be powerful with your help. Today I am announcing the #bekind initiative. This initiative is exactly what it sounds like. This is a proactive effort to approach every situation, every relationship, and every announcement in a kind manner. This is simple, and it is hard.

We recognize that many will think this is a naïve approach to the fandom. I would counter that perhaps it is but I want Daps Magic to be a strong force of positivity in the community and I think others want to be a part of this approach. Together we can celebrate Disney and positive stuff, the fandoms we love. Together we can build people up. Together, we can bring people together in a way that uplifts and celebrates rather than puts down and degrades.

In the coming days, we will be sharing more about #bekind. We hope that you will join us in this initiative. You can do so by joining our community, on social media, or even by joining conversations in the comments of our posts! We are looking for positive people who want to be a positive difference by being kind. We hope that you are excited and will join us!

– Mr. Daps



2 responses to “The Next Step of Disney and Positive Stuff: A Kinder Community”

  1. Angela Reynolds Avatar
    Angela Reynolds

    I can’t think of a better, more timely initiative than #bekind! I’m glad to be a part of a fandom community that values everyone and strives for compassion and understanding!

  2. Stephanie Avatar

    I love this! I’m in!

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