Rainy Day Cavalcade Offered as Magic Happens Gets Rained Out for a Second Day

The rain was falling all around the Disneyland Resort again today causing Magic Happens’ return to yet again be delayed. Originally scheduled to return on February 24, 2023 but the weather had other plans.

Today Disneyland presented a Rainy Day Cavalcade in place of the return of Magic Happens to add a little extra magic in its place. While the cavalcade is quick, it also is a wonderful ray of magic on a rainy day.

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As of the time that the first Magic Happens was supposed to be presented, both the 3:30 PM and 6:30 PM parades had been removed from the Disneyland App. The weather is supposed to be only partially cloudy on Sunday. It is possible that it will lead to the return of Magic Happens to the parade route at the Disneyland Resort. So far, only cast members have been able to see this parade’s return during a special presentation on Wednesday night.

What do you think of the Rainy Day Cavalcade? Who is your favorite character in it? Any predictions on when Magic Happens will officially make its return to Disneyland? Share your thoughts, opinions, and predictions on the comments below!


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