Celebrate Gospel Kicks Celebrate Soulfully Into High Gear at Disneyland During Black History Month

Guests of the Fantasyland Theatre on Saturday February 18, 2023 were in for a treat as the stage was taken over by Gospel singers through the afternoon and evening. The day was full of uplifting music and happy spirits as Gospel music filled the theater and could be heard in the surrounding areas.

The celebration began a few minutes late but soon as the first choir shared their joyful music, guests could be seen singing, clapping, and dancing along to the music. There were four groups from local church’s and community groups throughout the afternoon. Between the groups, Sacred Groove came on with some incredible harmonies. This was followed by performances from Melvin Crispell III and finally Jekalyn Carr

The lineup of the day was:

  • Friendship Baptist Church
  • Sacred Groove
  • FM2 & International
  • Sacred Groove
  • Lorenzo Johnson & Praizum
  • Sacred Groove
  • Voices of KC
  • Sacred Groove
  • Melvin Crispell III
  • Jekalyn Carr

In the back of the Fantasyland Theatre the history of Gospel music could be found. There was also a wall of thanksgiving where guests could write what they were thankful for and then hang it on the wall made of strings. There were also some profiles about the different groups of the weekend.

Celebrate Gospel will be returning on February 25th to the Fantasyland Theatre for another day of Gospel music at Disneyland. There are also other performances throughout the month at Downtown Disney District as the Disneyland Resort continues Celebrate Soulfully. Below are the performances from the first day of Celebrate Gospel and also photos of what the day was like.

What do you think of Celebrate Gospel? Have you experienced it before? What was your favorite part of it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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