A Bride Sees in Color For the First Time During Fairy Tale Wedding at Walt Disney World Resort

A wedding truly was a Fairy Tale Wedding at Walt Disney World Resort when she was able to see color for the very first time. On Valentine’s Day, Disney shared a story about how this magical experience came to be.

Kristin Robinson of Harleysville, Pennsylvania heard about specialty glasses that allow the colorblind to see the world in color. She had been colorblind her whole life. The bride-to-be decided it would be perfect to wear a pair of those specialty glasses for the very first time on her wedding day in The Most Magical Place on Earth.

A magical moment was had when Robinson was able to see the world and her groom, Nick, in color for the very first time on wedding day.

“This is surreal,” said Kristin minutes after seeing color for the first time. “I’ve always dreamed of this; I finally get to see the colors.” 

The moment was special for more than just Kristin. Her father in law and two brothers are also colorblind. They joined in putting on the special glasses. This let them also see in color for the very first time too.

There are different ways that color blindness affects people. Robinson’s deuteranopia is a common type of red-green color blindness. This prevents her from seeing colors like pink and purple and makes it difficult to see shades of red, green and brown. To add extra magic, the Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings & Honeymoons team made sure there was plenty of color for this wedding. There were pink flower arrangements decorating the wedding pavilion. Disney’s Wedding Pavilion also offers a beautiful view of Cinderella Castle that is picture perfect with the vibrant castle colors and beautiful blue sky. For this special day, there was a private reception after the wedding and fireworks as well. This made for a magical and colorful day for Kristin, Nick, and their family.

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