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The Clade family is known for being explorers until they weren’t. In Strange World, the family has to come together to save their world from disaster. At the same time, the Clades also need to save their family.


Strange World is an absolutely beautiful film to watch. There are some beautiful colors, wonderful moments of animation, fascinating characters, and a ton of creativity. This is a movie that shows how Walt Disney Animation Studios continues to push the bounds of artistry with technology. The accompanying sound effects are solid and do a great job helping sell the story that is being told. Overall, the quality of Strange World is solid… in fact, much more solid than some of the ground the Clade family finds themselves walking on!


There are several extras included with Strange World for both digital download and also the disc formats it is released on. These are enjoyable to watch and honestly, I would have loved more. I love the passion for the movie-making process that is shown in these different bonus features. It was interesting seeing how science was such an impact on this film. I think I would have liked a big picture making-of featurette included as well but these are enjoyable to watch. It also gives a lot of insight into this film and where the mindset of the filmmakers was!

Bonus Features*

  • Anatomy of a Scene: Creating A Strange World –Learn about Walt Disney Animation Studios’ creative process through a single, visually stunning scene as the filmmaking team puts all of their imagination – and more – on the screen.
  • Strange Science – Jaboukie Young-White (voice of Ethan Clade) hosts an exploration of how Walt Disney Animation Studios artists were inspired by real science to create Strange World.
  • Creature Feature – Journey into the world beneath Avalonia and meet some of the terrifying, slimy, gassy ­– and sometimes cute – creatures that inhabit this Strange World.
  • The Hidden Secrets of Strange World – Uncover the references and characters from some of your favorite Walt Disney Animation Studios films hidden throughout the film, along with some fun facts and behind–the–scenes stories of how Strange World was made.
  • Outtakes – Go behind the glass as we join the cast of Strange World inside the recording booth for some fun, flubs and outtakes.

Deleted Scenes

  • The Ballad of Jaeger Clade
  • Lightning Lynx
  • Funerals and Promises
  • Ethan and Searcher

*Bonus features vary by product and retailer

Final Thoughts

Strange World is a fun adventure film that the whole family can watch together. While not my favorite Disney movie of all time, it does have a lot of creativity and beauty found in it. At its core, this is a movie about family and accepting people for who they are and not who someone else thinks they should be. It has some really good lessons found in it. I give this movie a Hat Nod. It is worth watching once with the family and the bonus features definitely add to the film.

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Mr. DAPs Hat Rating Scale

  • No Hat – Didn’t meet expectations
  • Hat Nod – It was ok
  • Hat Tip – It was good
  • Hat’s Off – Loved it!


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