Disney College Program Adds Character Performers Once Again at Walt Disney World Resort

Auditions for character performers have returned to Walt Disney World Resort. On January 9, the announcement was made by Disney that this program would be returning. Incoming Disney College Program participants can once again audition to be character performers that will be a part of the magic starting in the fall of 2023.

Details of how Disney College Program participants can audition can be found here:

First things first, begin by applying to the Disney College Program!

Here’s a helpful step by step:

  1. Apply to the Disney College Program.
  2. Create a profile on DisneyAuditions.com if you have not previously done so.
  3. (Be sure to use the same email on your Disney Auditions profile and College Program application)
  4. Learn the movement combination shown in the audition posting and record a virtual audition of your performance.
  5. Link your virtual audition video in your DisneyAuditions.com profile.
  6. Check-in to the audition on DisneyAuditions.com. You must link your video before checking in to the audition.

Following the deadline to submit your virtual audition, candidates selected to move forward will be contacted via email to attend an in-person callback audition for further consideration. Candidates will only be contacted if they are selected to move forward in the audition process. If you are not contacted, you will still be considered for other roles on the Disney College Program, but you will no longer be in consideration for the Character Performer role.

Now for the callbacks!

For continued consideration of the Character Performer role, you must attend an in-person callback. In-person callback auditions will take place in select cities March 3-10, 2023. Please note, these are closed auditions only for those selected to move forward in the audition process.

Once all in-person callbacks have concluded, individuals will be notified of the results via email no later than one week prior to arrival. If you are not selected for the Character Performer role after attending an in-person callback, you may be offered a different role on the Disney College Program.

More details about the Disney College Program application will be coming soon. Until the details arrive, Disney encourages those who are interested to check out their support site for more details.

What do you think about the return of the character performers to the Disney College Program? Are you excited about this? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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