A Rainy New Year’s Day Surprise During A Christmas Fantasy Parade at Disneyland

New Year’s Eve saw a lot of rain come down around Southern California and Disneyland was no exception. As the evening progressed, the rain continued to come down. New Year’s Day started out looking a lot nicer. However, shortly after 2:00 PM, the sky began to look more ominous. By this time, A Christmas Fantasy Parade was already making its way down the parade route for the first of two showings of the day.

As the parade made its way into Town Square at around 2:30 PM, sprinkles could be felt. As the parade continued to make its way to the end of the route. As the parade continued to pass by, the sprinkles got steady and the street got wetter. The wetter the street got, the more changes in the parade could be seen. Performers that normally would be dancing now walked and waved or said “hi” to guests along the parade route. The floats also began to drive faster as things continued to get wetter. Guests no longer were comfortable sitting on the side of the street and began to stand on the curb and surprisingly in the street.

Some of the Daps Magic team was on hand to both film and take photos of this surprisingly rainy parade. Watch this unique parade and look at the pictures below! It was a very entertaining parade to watch.

A Rainy New Year’s Day A Christmas Fantasy Parade Photos

Have you ever seen A Christmas Fantasy Parade on a rainy day? What did you think? Share your thoughts, opinions, and experiences in the comments below!

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