Walt Disney Imagineering Celebrates 70 Years Since Being Founded by Walt Disney

70 years ago today, Walt Disney Imagineering was founded by Walt Disney himself. Initially, Disney formed this group to help design and develop Disneyland. He brought together the people he used to make movies to move beyond the screen and quite literally, into the park. This new organization combined imagination and engineering, earning these pioneers the name Imagineers. 70 years later, Walt Disney Imagineering continues to create immersive experiences that bring together. This now happens around the globe and in many ways beyond Disney theme parks.

Walt Disney Imagineering has made an unimaginable amount of magic through the years. For decades, Imagineering has been innovating new ways to create magic. Imagineers represent more than 100 different disciplines with more than 500 U.S. patents combined from Walt Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development.

A new video was released celebrating the 70 years of Walt Disney Imagineering. This video was produced by Iwerks & Co., the studio behind The Imagineering Story on Disney+. It was released as Imagineers around the globe celebrate this milestone at events in California, Florida, Paris, Germany, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

Congratulations to Walt Disney Imagineering! Thank you for making all of the magic!

What is your favorite project to come from Walt Disney Imagineering? What are you looking forward to moving forward? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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