Two Captains Log: Star Trek Prodigy – S1E19

It is time again for another weekly look at Star Trek Prodigy, and the season is starting to wind down. We pick up right where we left off where the Prodigy enters Starfleet space with an armada against them. Admiral Janeway gets out of the brig by appealing to a former rescuee from the Voyager days. Unfortunately, she is not in time to stop the ship from answering a hail from the boarded Protostar. The Diviner and group have taken over Protostar and enabled the weapon to infiltrate Starfleet. The ships are firing on each other, and the Protostar crew is incapacitated. But, they prove their team worth by figuring out how to still get hold of the ship and reach out to non-Starfleet ships to help stop the attack. But, the episode ends on the cliffhanger of finding out the weapon’s infiltration has reached the rest of Starfleet and enabled a trap. And with that, here we go with our thoughts on the episode…


Mr. Daps: “This week’s music did the trick and definitely helped build up the sense of adventure. However, I really didn’t think it was super memorable. It’s interesting, in the bigger episodes the music seems to get lost and in the less exciting episodes the music tends to actually have themes and shine even more.”

Murray: “For the music starting to get very good and unique, this episode didn’t stand out to me. It was a usual taste of soundtrack, but it didn’t detract from it.”


Mr. Daps: “This was a fun week for design. I’m not sure how unique or innovative it was, but it was great to look at it! It was awesome seeing the different ships arrive and interact. It was also interesting some of the choices in how the ships interacted with things. The action sequences were also a lot of fun.”

Murray: “The amount of ships was amazing to see. There seemed to be some new designs, and bringing back some old ones for Starfleet. And, overall, just a great amount of modeling and rendering for the armada. It was incredible to see how much was packed into those shots. The maneuvering of the Protostar was a great amount of work and effort as well. It provided a good idea of how the ship compares to the rest of the fleet, and with the Defiant the only other ship that could maneuver with it.”


Mr. Daps: “This week the story was everything I hoped it would be. I liked how they created some unexpected challenges beyond just Starfleet attacking itself with weapons. There was definitely some thought put into the implications of this episode and that was awesome. I am definitely wondering if there will be a resolution in the coming week or if there will be a second season-ending cliffhanger.”

Murray: “The story really shined in this episode. It was very well written with a non-stop pace and every piece fitting into the plot. It made a lot of sense with the way the attack was laid out, and the lack of translators was a nice touch. The only downside to the story was ending on a cliffhanger, but it really showed how the series has come into its own.”

Hit or Miss?

Mr. Daps: “This week was a definite hit. It had action, it was smart, it had consequences, and the character interactions were also awesome. I think this is really part of what makes Star Trek great, a good story told in a smart way with heart. I can’t wait to see where things go forward with the next episode and the series as a whole.”

Murray: “This was a huge hit with me. It really featured elements of the best of Starfleet, especially the idea of a crew working together. I liked how they explained the connection between communication systems and how it fit with the weapon using it. Overall just a superb episode that showed how this series can be its own Star Trek series. It was also a wonderful sight to see the Defiant again!”