Day Twenty-Two: Kinetic Energy – 24 Days of Thanksgiving

Disney Parks transports guests into worlds guests could never imagine. At any point, you can move from an alien planet to faraway kingdoms in just a matter of steps and we always feel like we’re part of the story. One of the ways that Disney makes these worlds come to life is through something called kinetic energy, something I want to show gratitude for today!

Kinetic energy is used to describe the movement around Disney Parks. The monorail, train, and even Dumbo the Flying Elephant are all great examples of how kinetic energy works in the parks. It helps create a living, breathing, and much more believable world. Just think, when you walk outside on an average day, you see so much movement!

One of my absolute favorite spots in the Disneyland Resort is the lagoon above Finding Nemo’s Submarine Voyage. As you stand there, you hear the seagulls yell, watch submarines go by below, and the monorail whizz by overhead. This is such a peaceful area of Disneyland Park and most of that is due to the very nature of kinetic energy!

This has become a bit of a joke in the Daps circles. I love kinetic energy so much that it has become a facet of my personality. I will point to an example of movement and yell “kinetic energy!” but that is just how much this means to me. It makes a flat world into something fun and exciting and for that, I will always be grateful.


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