Day Twenty One: The Disneyland Railroad – 24 Days of Thanksgiving

One of the things I am most thankful for from Disney is the Disneyland Railroad. This is perhaps the easiest thing to be thankful for when I think of the wide range of things I’m thankful for from the many different parts of Disney. The Disneyland Railroad, formerly the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad, is a narrow gauge railway that goes around the outside of Disneyland. It also happens to be one of my favorite attractions.

Growing up in small towns, seeing trains was always a highlight. Hearing their whistle, feeling the rumble, and watching them chug on by was a magical moment for a kid growing up. This would inspire the imagination as one would imagine where the train was going and the adventures that could be had while traveling aboard it. The Disneyland Railroad does the same. It has that wonderful ability to inspire the imagination to think of not just what could be, but it also inspires the imagination to think of what once was as well. This only gets even better when boarding and then feeling the cars move down the rails. Hearing the clickety clack of the wheels on the rails and the occasional squeal as the train turns a corner.

As a kid I didn’t have a ton of opportunities to actual ride on a train. I did see a lot of them though. It seemed like everywhere we would live, there would be a train nearby. As I got older, the trains wouldn’t just inspire my imagination about what could be. They would also remind me of the Happiest Place on Earth that had one of the most beautiful set of trains on Earth! When I finally moved to California, I quickly discovered the joy of grabbing a cup of coffee and going on a tour of Disneyland aboard the train to start my day. Even better if it was Holiday 2!

No matter when riding the train, it is a wonderful way to experience Disney magic. As the train circles the park, it is so fun to see all the different ways someone’s imagination was realized and then brought to life. In the space of 20 minutes, guests can get a glimpse of a haunted mansion, a steamboat traveling down a river, space travel opportunities, a mountain from Europe, and also dinosaurs! Heck, if riding at the right time of night, a mouse might even be fighting a dragon and all the forces of evil (and win)! Now THAT is the power imagination!

As we draw close to Thanksgiving day, I find myself thankful for so many more than 24 things. However, one must be picked for each day. Today is the Disneyland Railroad and all of the imagination it inspires and also brings to life. For this, I am thankful. I feel like it is one of the things that keeps me young at heart! How about you? What things are you thankful for when it comes to the Disneyland Railroad and the imagination it inspires? Share your thoughts of gratitude in the comments below! Oh yea, if you want to see one of the trains I now have at home, check it out here!