Day Six: The Storybook Circus Giggle Gang – 24 Days of Thanksgiving

In general, I’m not really a huge fan of clowns. However, I found this mindset completely changed a few years ago when visiting Walt Disney World. While walking into the new-to-us Storybook Circus area of Magic Kingdom, we happened upon the Storybook Circus Giggle Gang. This is a group of comedic clowns that are accompanied by a group of saxophone and percussion playing musicians that look like they might be from the Storybook Circus Fire Department perhaps?

As I think back about things that I’m thankful for from Disney, this definitely has to be one of them. To say this troupe was ridiculous would be a major understatement. After seeing them once, we were hooked. We kept coming back and we kept laughing. Thankfully, we had the presence of mind to film one of their sets. We were enjoying them so much that I just didn’t want to be looking through a lens at the show. It was wonderful how zany they were and how willing they were to just go for it to get the laugh. It’s these little breakout entertaining groups that really add an extra dose of magic in a way that you really don’t see anywhere else.

We saw the Storybook Circus Giggle Gang in 2013 and today I can still picture some of their gags and hear some of the comedic musical moments and themes when their name is brought up. I’m so thankful that we happened to bump into them on that random day. Just looking at a brochure, it is a show I probably never would have made a priority. However, the random spontaneous moment of visiting Storybook Circus made a memory that has lasted for years and still makes me smile. I’m thankful for the smiles and the laughter that this group brought to me and my party. I’m also thankful for a clown act that I really enjoyed! Thank you Giggle Gang!


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