Two Captains Log: Star Trek: Lower Decks – S3E7

Here we are again at another episode from Lower Decks. “A Mathematically Perfect Redemption” had the return of Peanut Hamper, a very bad Exocomp. She manages to crash onto a supposedly pre-warp planet, but it turns out has ships that scavengers try to take. That scheme is due to Peanut as she tries to get back into Starfleet after abandoning her post. Here we go with the review of “A Mathematically Perfect Redemption.”


Mr. Daps: “The music this week was enjoyable. It perhaps isn’t the most memorable but it did the trick. It helped support the story being told in an effective way.”

Murray: “I enjoyed the take on the intro music with Peanut flying through debris. The epic music for the space battle at the end had some great cues to it. In all, it was a rather enjoyable soundtrack though not too memorable.”


Mr. Daps: “The design this week really reminded me of the old “Star Trek: The Animated Series.” I really liked it. It was definitely not the most groundbreaking episode in terms of design but it was kind of fun to see the world-building that was done.”

Murray: “It was fun to have the pre-warp alien race of birds. It was also fun to have every creature on that planet be winged. But, it wasn’t the most interesting of designs, and had some very simple designs to it. It had some beautiful scenes, but wasn’t quite enough for me.”


Mr. Daps: “This was an episode that wasn’t the most exciting. It seemed like it was pulled from several other Star Trek episodes through the years and then molded together. It was a fun episode but not the most original. It also wasn’t one of my favorites.”

Murray: “It was a fun story of a couple of plot twists to it. I enjoyed the plot twists, but found the story to be simple and predictable. Even with the twists it was a little easy to see the outcome. It was a great take on common Trek plots, however.”

Hit or Miss?

Mr. Daps: “I’m going to say this was a miss. I found myself bored while watching it, a first for Star Trek: Lower Decks. Yes, there was an attempt to add some more story to Peanut Hamper. However, it just didn’t seem necessary. It wasn’t super entertaining. Its humor was not as smart as the show generally has. It also doesn’t seem to matter in the bigger story of the lower decks crew of the Cerritos. I’m looking forward to the next episode being more entertaining and hopefully a hit.”

Murray: “It was a fun episode that had some great comedic elements to create a new take on the crash landing on a pre-warp civilization. Despite that, I give it a miss. It felt like it was missing something with it all, and isn’t all that compelling enough to watch again, unlike some other episodes in the season. It’s not a terrible episode, I think I would have like to see the plot be a side one to some regular Lower Decks elements.”