Disney Dreamlight Valley: A Cozy Game Review

Over a month ago, Disney released an all-new way to step into the magic. Disney Dreamlight Valley is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and computer platforms. I am a self-described “cozy gamer” who loves to enjoy a relaxing game that is easy to pick up after a long day at work. This game has been an excellent escape for hardcore Disney fans or people who just want a fun way to relax!

For starters, this comes from someone who has only put about 15 hours into the game. So while I have played a lot, there is still so much to be discovered. For comparison, I have put 215 hours into Animal Crossing and 135 hours into Stardew Valley. Obviously, I have had this game for a much shorter time, so there is still plenty of time ahead of me to catch up with these other favorites!


The graphics on this game are okay but nothing memorable. Of course, with a game like this, you are not expecting hyper-realistic graphics or gorgeous cut scenes. I think it does to most important thing a Disney game can do, which brings all the characters into the same universe (and animation style) without any of these beloved friends looking odd. You have to think, many of these characters were originally animated in 2D, and now they are brought into the 3-dimensional world alongside characters who were created that way. Sometimes, this can cause a mental disconnect because the characters just don’t look right. I have never had an issue with it in this game


With a game like this, personalization means a lot to me! You get the chance to put yourself into the universe, so you have to make it count. I have found it fairly easy to create an avatar that looks like me with lots of outfits to choose from! I will say, having also played this game with Mr. DAPs on his account, I have realized there are far fewer options for people who wish to dress masculine. Most options for outfits are feminine, with beautiful ball gowns and skirts. I hope this is improved in future updates!


The thing that brings me back to a game over and over is a good story! Disney Dreamlight Valley focuses on bringing magic back to a community of Disney characters that had it taken away from them by dark magic. You are tasked with rebuilding the valley, including repairing buildings and bringing characters back from different realms. There is always something to work towards in this game, but if you want to step away from quests to enjoy gardening, mining, and fishing, you are more than welcome to. There are no scary time limits or anything that must be done in a certain order. This gives you much more freedom to just explore, unlock new biomes, and hang out with your character friends.

Overall, I have really been enjoying this game, beyond some minor glitches that haven’t impacted my gameplay in any major way. I will give this game a solid 8/10, with room for improvement in future updates. I can’t wait to see what characters come to the valley next (Daisy Duck, please?!) but I know it will be a lot of fun. The next free update hits the game on October 19 and it is going to be villainous! We may just have to put out another review!

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