VIDEO & PHOTOS: The Incredible Hulk Arrives at Avengers Campus

The Incredible Hulk has arrived at Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure. His arrival was announced initially by Disney Parks, Experiences and Products Chairman Josh D’Amaro and Marvel Studios President Keven Feige during D23 Expo 2022. During a presentation on the parks and resorts, the duo was joined by Hulk on stage in front of thousands of ecstatic fans before D’Amaro announced Hulk would be arriving at the Disneyland Resort “next week!”

The Incredible Hulk has now arrived at the Disneyland Resort and he is indeed incredible. He stands quite tall as he walked out of the Avengers HQ building. A queue was set up for his arrival during the Warriors of Wakanda. Following the departure of the Dora Milaje, Hulk arrived from behind the big doors of Avengers HQ to a very thrilled crowd of guests and cast members. He was invited in by Iron Man, who also chatted with him leading to his departure after spending some time with guests. Throughout his time interacting with guests, Hulk enjoyed chatting with them. Guests were also encouraged to talk into a box that was in front of Hulk for scientific data collection as well. Cast members were also on hand to help with taking photos during Hulk’s visit. Below is a video of Hulk’s entrance, some time with guests, and also his exit.

First Appearance of Incredible Hulk at Avengers Campus

The Incredible Hulk is wearing his Quantum Suit and will be at Avengers Campus for a limited time. There are not specific set times listed on the Disneyland App. Keep an eye open for the queue to be set up to meet Hulk or simply watch from a distance in a place that is not blocking a walkway. He really is impressive and worth even just watching!

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