Two Captains Log: Star Trek: Lower Decks – S3E5

Here we are at another review of the most recent episode of Lower Decks. This episode, “Reflections,” saw some flips in characters. Rutherford finally found out why his implants glitch, and with it found an old personality. Mariner tried to keep it cool while recruiting for Starfleet. Boimler became more like Mariner in the process of recruitment as well. And here we go with our reflections on “Reflections.”


Mr. Daps: “This week was an enjoyable episode in terms of music. I thought it really did a nice job of building the story and helping accompany what was happening. I agree with Murray, this week didn’t harken back as much as it could have to other Star Trek musical moments. There were definitely some opportunities for this that could be been taken. I did catch one moment where Voyager seemed to be referenced. Overall, though, this was an enjoyable episode of music.”

Murray: “I would say the music had its most influence at the beginning and during the race. It was a rather big, epic sound like a suspenseful movie soundtrack, though with the Star Trek panache. But, I found it a little disappointing with not much of any homage to any prior series or film, and not quite a needed element without accenting all scenes.”


Mr. Daps: “This week was a fun week in-terms of design I felt. There were a lot of things that could have gone wrong with where the story went but instead, things all came together and looked awesome I thought. It was great seeing the Delta Flyer and the other race ship was also very cool. It was a completely different approach and still felt like it belonged in the world of Star Trek. Everything just meshed this week and felt right.”

Murray: “I greatly enjoyed Rutherford’s mindscape and the setting of the recruitment fair. But, design really shined in the ships that raced in Rutherford’s mind. Having a warp-like racing ship is something we have never seen in a Star Trek, and it made sense as a design. Having the Delta Flyer appear again was a great addition to the episode, and with matching uniforms.”


Mr. Daps: “This was a good story week I thought this week. The first few minutes I thought I knew exactly where things were going, and then they went differently. Along the way, they added some depth to the characters and opened up a lot of possibilities for them as well. Where the future goes really is wide open, especially for Rutherford and Mariner. There were some opportunities that definitely opened up that I think are very interesting.”

Murray: “The idea from the title made it a very interesting story arc. It was seeing the reflection of many of the characters. Overall, this built on a lot of past plots of the show, especially in dealing with a mystery of Rutherford. The story was a needed one and a great unfolding of the plot. The recruitment fair had the most surprises considering the Rutherford plot was supposed to keep us guessing. I liked the twist in Boimler’s personality, and the eventual consideration of Mariner to become an archaeologist.”

Hit or Miss?

Mr. Daps: “This week is a definite hit for me. I liked how this week upended some assumptions that were starting to be built about Lower Decks. I think it did this while still maintaining some humor and irreverence that I like for the show. I do have to wonder if they are starting to take the show too seriously, which could be a mistake. However, at this point, I like what is going on! I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

Murray: “I give this episode a ‘hit’ ranking, though reluctantly. Out of all the show’s episodes I found this to be the most un-Lower Decks. It was really about advancing characters more than just the fun the low-ranking officers have. Still, there was a lot of humor and shenanigans. I do admire the growth of the characters as well. But, I hope they get back to more heavy shenanigans in the next episode.”

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