Tom Hanks Was Almost a Stormtrooper in Star Wars

There has been quite a history of celebrity cameos in Star Wars films, often as a stormtrooper. Some notable cameos have included Daniel Craig,  Simon Pegg, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, and Karl Urban and others. It turns out, Tom Hanks was almost a part of that legacy. In a recent interview on Josh Horowitz’ Happy Sad Confused podcast, Hanks shared about how he was almost in a Star Wars film.

In the interview, Tom Hanks revealed that he almost had a cameo in Solo: A Star Wars Story. This was the 2018 film that told the origin story of Han Solo. In this film, Tom Hanks almost played a stormtrooper. When asked about the cameo, Hanks said the following:

“I would have done that, yeah. I couldn’t make that work. I couldn’t get there in time. I think if you do a survey, all kinds of famous people have been in a stormtrooper outfit. I think [Daniel] Craig was in one. Movie executives have shown up to be a stormtrooper. I’d do it. That was one thing about Star Wars, within the first 45 seconds of it, as soon as you saw a stormtrooper, never mind Darth Vader, but as soon as you saw those guys running around in those stormtrooper outfits, you were in the hands of something that had been really well-thought-out.”

Tom Hanks on Happy Sad Confused Podcast

Tom Hanks shared that unfortunately, scheduling conflicts made this cameo unable to become a reality. It isn’t known exactly where this cameo would have taken place in the movie. There are still future cameo opportunities for Tom Hanks in the Star Wars universe as there are new movies and shows being worked on.

What do you think of Tom Hanks having a cameo in Star Wars? Do you think it should be as a stormtrooper or would you like something more? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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