The Disneyland Band May Not Talk About Bruno, But It Sure Can Play About Him

The Disneyland Band has added a new song to their lineup, just in time for the Halloween Time celebration at Disneyland. On September 2nd, the band could be heard playing We Don’t Talk About Bruno from Disney’s Encanto. The band could be heard playing this song during one of its Main Street Station sets in Town Square. It has some jazzy moments, some percussive moments, and some moments where the trumpets get to really go for it! Overally, it is a really fun rendition of this tune. The Daps Magic team was on hand to film the band perform this song on the opening day of Halloween Time at Disneyland. Check it out here:

The Disneyland Band’s addition of We Don’t Talk About Bruno into its catalog of music it performs marks another entrance of Encanto into the parks. Mirabel is currently meeting guests and also appearing in the Mickey and Friends Halloween Cavalcade. There is also the We Don’t Talk About Bruno projection moment at it’s a small world that is happening multiple times nightly.

This summer the Disneyland Resort 2022 All-American College Band also performed a rendition of the song as well. This was done during the set that was performed in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle each evening.

What do you think of the Disneyland Band adding We Don’t Talk About Bruno into its performances at Disneyland? What other songs would you like to see added to the Disneyland Band’s performances? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!