Making Sense of Magic Keys – A Magic Key Comparison 

With the arrival of the new iteration of the Magic Key program, the question is now being asked by Magic Key holders looking to renew: which one should I get? What was once the Believe is now Inspire and more expensive with blackout dates. In fact, all of the Magic Key levels are now more expensive and have seen tweaks.

Below is a comparison of the new levels with prices, benefits, and blockout dates. The available days are for a year starting on August 25, 2022.

Magic Key Comparisons

Magic Key TypeDays Available:Price on August 19, 2022ParkingPark ReservationsMerchandise DiscountDining DiscountGenie+ DiscountPhotopass
Imagine134 Days$44925% off Toy Story parking2 at a time10%10%20%N/A
Enchant212 Days$69925% off Toy Story parking4 at a time10%10%20%N/A
Believe322 Days$1,09950% Discount6 at a time10%10%20%Included
Inspire353 Days$1,599Included (excludes blockout dates)6 at a time20%15%20%Included

Knowing details about the different Magic Key levels helps make a decision as to which pass to get or renew to. However, it is also helpful to know where it makes sense financially to get a different level of pass. At this time, Magic Keys can only be renewed and they are not open for general purchase. It is always a good idea to take the price of the Magic Key and noting where the addition of visits or parking makes it logical to move up to the next level of Magic Key.

Below are two graphs that compare how many visits it takes to make the next level make sense from an overall cost standpoint. This does not include savings from discounts or other perks. It is simply a quick cost analysis based on visits and on parking.

Magic Key Visits Break-Even Points

Single Day Ticket TypeImagine ($449)Enchant ($699)Believe ($1,099)Inspire ($1,599)
Tier 1 Park Hopper ($164)35710
Tier 2 Park Hopper ($179)3479
Tier 3 Park Hopper ($194)3469
Tier 4 Park Hopper ($209)3468
Tier 5 Park Hopper ($219)3468

Magic Key + Parking Break-Even Points

Original LevelUpgrade LevelDifferenceDays of Parking to Upgrade
Imagine – $449Enchant – $699$25012 Visits –> $22.50 x 12 = $270
Enchant – $699Believe – $1,099$40018 Visits –> $22.50 x 18 = $405
Believe – $1,099Inspire – $1,599$500 34 Visits –> $15 x 34 = $510

When renewing (or eventually purchasing) Magic Keys, think about how many visits and times parking will be needed and how those costs add up. The parking prices above are utilizing the parking benefits that are included with the different level of Magic Keys. The specifics about the new Magic Key program can be found in this article.

What level of Magic Key will you be renewing to? Which level do you think is the best? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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