Disneyland’s Monorail Returns to Running Early Mornings and Late Nights

Disneyland’s Monorail is once again running normal hours as it was before the pandemic closed down the Disneyland Resort in 2020. Since the return of the Monorail after the park’s reopening, it has been operating on a reduced hours schedule. The new schedule now allows guests to enter and exit the park via the Monorail during normal operating hours.

The Monorail actually can be boarded even before the parks open by guests staying at a Disneyland Resort hotel who are eligible for early entry. These guests can begin boarding the Monorail at 7:30 AM. The Monorail then begins transporting normal day guests at 8:00 AM until park closing back and forth from Tomorrowland to Downtown Disney District and the Disneyland Hotel. The Monorail will stop running occasionally when it gets too warm or if conditions aren’t right with fireworks.

The Monorail resumed its operations at the Disneyland Resort in October 2022. This attraction has been recognized as the highway in the sky since it first opened in 1959. It has seen several updates through the years and the track has been extended. Through it all, it has brought to life the sky above Disneyland as it transports guests and adds kinetic energy to Disneyland and the entire resort.

What do you think about the Monorail returning to its normal operating hours at the Disneyland Resort? Which version of the Monorail is your favorite? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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