Cast Compliments Added to Disneyland App

Guests at the Disneyland Resort now can give Cast Compliments via the Disneyland App. The new function may be used when a Cast Member does something that should be recognized, acknowledged, and given thanks for. Traditionally, Cast Compliments were given at City Hall. For a while, this was also done on social media. The arrival of this functionality on the Disneyland App continues to make the app a destination tool for guests at the Disneyland Resort.

Giving a Cast Compliment on the app is very simple and quick. Here is the process:

  • Open/log in to the Disneyland App.
  • Click on the menu stack in the bottom right corner of the app.
  • Scroll down and then click on the Cast Compliment link.
  • Fill out the Cast Compliment form page.
  • Click Submit!

Here is a look at what the pages look like on the Disneyland App:

What do you think of this added feature on the Disneyland App? How often do you give Cast Compliments? Share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions in the comments below!

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