Seth MacFarlane Explains Name Change for The Orville

Fans of The Orville may have noticed that it got a bit of a name change when it returned this season. Now on Hulu, the show is called The Orville: New Horizons. This also comes as the show now is under Disney ownership after it acquired 21st Century Fox.

The new name is something that came straight from Chairman of Disney General Entertainment Content, Dana Walden. It also is something that Seth MacFarlane became an instant fan of. In an interview with Collider, he shared how the change came about.

“Adding a subtitle was actually Dana Walden’s idea, and I thought it was a really good one. That’s my boss over at Disney who I’ve worked with and been friends with for a long time. That was her idea. And I thought it was kind of cool because it’s not a reboot, it’s a continuation, but it was just enough to tell the audience that we’re expanding a little bit. That the scope is bigger. The show is more ambitious. It’s going to feel more like a movie. It’s maybe going to feel a little more special. And it seemed appropriate also because it’s been a few years since we’ve been on the air and we’ve moved to Hulu and it’s a 10-episode run as opposed to, a 13-episode run. I guess it’s not that big a difference. It seemed like it was an idea that was pitched to me that I like.”

The name change comes as the show has grown in scope and also has taken on a more Star Trek: The Next Generation feel. This season, the DAPS MAGIC team has been reviewing the show and comparing it to Star Trek on a weekly basis as well.

What do you think of the name change for The Orville to The Orville: New Horizons? Do you watch the show? What do you think of it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

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