Pirates of the Caribbean Reopens at Disneyland

Pirate of the Caribbean has reopened at Disneyland. This comes after the attraction has been closed for months as it underwent a refurbishment. It also saw some changes to the entrance queue, particularly with smaller trees being put in the queue courtyard.

The DAPS MAGIC team was able to experience Pirates of the Caribbean on its reopening day in the evening. This came after the attraction was up and down throughout the day. Below is a video of the attraction that shows how it looked on its reopening day.

Pirates of the Caribbean first opened at Disneyland on March 18, 1967. Versions of the attraction have since been created for other Disney theme parks around the globe. The most recent version is at Shanghai Disneyland.

What do you think about the return of Pirates of the Caribbean? Are you excited that it is back? Share your thoughts and opinions about this attraction and its reopening.

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