Disneyland Paris Announces Beyond Meat® as Official Plant-Based Meat Partner

Disneyland Paris announced that it has partnered with Beyond Meat® to be its official plant-based meat partner. The news comes as Disneyland Paris is in the midst of its 30th-anniversary celebration. Beyond Meat® will be served across the resort, including both parks, Disney Village, and also Disney Hotels.

There is a wide range of plant-based meat products that Beyond Meat currently makes. These products have a similar taste and also texture to animal meat. Beyond offers products like Beyond Burger®, Beyond Sausage®, and Beyond Meatballs® – which will be used by chefs at Disneyland Paris to create at least one vegetarian option for every meal. This will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner around the resort. This strategic partnership comes as consumer desires for plant-based meat options continue to grow. Offering these options will enhance Disneyland Paris dining experiences.

This new offering continues the trend that Disneyland Paris has had for several years of meeting major environmental challenges and also being an innovative and sustainable tourist destination. The partnership with Beyond Meat® will help impact the environmental impacts of using up national resources and also promote animal welfare. This will create more sustainable menu options for guests as well.

Disneyland Paris and Beyond Meat both are committed to “excellence, innovation, and an increasingly sustainable future,” Disneyland Paris said in a release. Both companies are focused on daily actions that can positively impact the world.

“Partnering with Disneyland Paris, a beloved and iconic brand who shares our vision of a better future, is a true milestone for us as we make plant-based meat more accessible throughout Europe,” said Jorg Oostdam, General Manager EMEA, Beyond Meat. “As more consumers gravitate towards flexitarian diets, we’re looking forward to surprising and delighting Disneyland Paris’ guests with our plant-based meat offerings that taste just as great as conventional meat and can help make a positive impact.”

“Disneyland Paris is committed to providing an exceptional Guest experience with magical memories that last a lifetime, and our dining experience is an integral part of that,” said Laure Albouy, Vice President Business Strategy & Integration for Disneyland Paris. “With sustainability as a core priority, we are delighted to partner with Beyond Meat who is pushing the boundaries in the reinvention of food. We’re excited to be offering our guests new food choices and help contribute to a better world.”  

Along with the partnership with Beyond Meat at Disneyland Paris, there will also be marketing and retail campaigns that offer a 360-degree experience that will showcase the new culinary options.

What do you think of Disneyland Paris and Beyond Meat? Are you excited to try the future culinary offerings that will be coming to the resort? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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