Sportscasting… But Not Sports

Occasionally on GEEKS CORNER a crazy idea comes up for a new adventure. You’ll never know where this idea may come from but often when the idea comes and sticks around… it is worth visiting. An idea that has been circling around DAPS MAGIC and GEEKS CORNER over the last couple of months is the idea for a new show that is basically Sportscasting… But Not Sports. At least that is what its working title is. The concept is almost exactly what would be expected from this.

Picture Mr. DAPs and the team dressed in bright yellow sports coats with the DAPS logo on them… or maybe something like DAPS SPORTZ (because not sports, right!?). Each commentator is wearing a headset mic, just like a sportscaster. They are on a virtual set that looks like it could be straight out of ESPN or ABC Sports or any other sports channel/show.

The main idea is that this will look like the team will be sportscasting… but they won’t. Instead, they will be providing sports-type commentary on other events… that normally wouldn’t receive commentary of this type. Think perhaps commentary on droid races, pie eating competitions, hog calling competitions, parades, theatrical entertainment from the Disney Parks, or even movies (a very different approach to the DAPSwatch movies during the pandemic). The team will also be open to other ideas for commentary of events as well. The more random, the better!

To make this happen, some of the needed infrastructure is already in place. The team already has a streaming platform that can accommodate this type of coverage. Video cameras, a green screen, and a soundboard are already in the studio and ready to go. What is still needed, however, are the headset, a headphone amplifier, and obviously ugly yellow sports coats that will receive the to-be-determined patches. Below is a breakdown of what we will be specifically looking to get. We are hoping to fundraise for these and hopefully start this show in the not-too-distant future.

Sportscasting… But Not Sports Needs

In total, the team is looking to raise around $540 for this project/show. If you would like to support the efforts, we would be very grateful! There are a couple of ways you can do this. If you would like to outright purchase some of the equipment, please simply let us know in the comments below and then feel free to purchase them from Amazon and send them to the DAPS MAGIC P.O. Box at PO Box 5773, Garden Grove, California, 92846. Alternatively, if you would like to support the efforts in another way, please check out our Patreon and become a Patron at any level! You could also support us by purchasing DAPS MAGIC or GEEKS CORNER merchandise in our shop! If you would rather not do any of that and simply donate, please contact us and we will share other options!

Please do not feel obligated or pressured to support this crazy idea if you do not want to. We simply think it would be fun and funny and are looking to raise funds to help make this happen as soon as possible! We welcome not just your support, but also any ideas you might have to make this even more entertaining/funny!

Thank you again for all of your support for our crazy ideas, segments, and shows! We appreciate you and are thankful for you! We’ll see you in the corner!