The Magic Comes Alive as Fantasmic! Returns to Disneyland!

Fantasmic! is back at Disneyland. On May 28, guests again gathered around the Rivers of America to see what Mickey’s imagination could do. Some people started waiting for this show hours before it began. Others utilized the dining packages that were available and didn’t wait quite as many hours. However, for many hours were spent waiting on May 28th, they were not nearly as long as the multi-year wait that Disney fans have had since the last time it was performed. To say the return of Fantasmic! to Disneyland was a welcome one to guests would be a major understatement.

When those magical words “welcome to Fantasmic!” were heard, the waiting crowd erupted. The whole show was beautiful and energetic. The energy came from everywhere as Mickey’s imagination took over the area and guests ate the performances of Mickey and his friends, and also some adversaries, up. While some things had changed, the show was still full of fantastic dreams, fireworks, Disney characters, and a massive dragon.

The return of Fantasmic! marks one more step towards normalcy at the Disneyland Resort. The show has remained closed since the parks closed in 2020. Recently, the Main Street Electrical Parade, Disneyland Forever!, and also World of Color returned to lighten up the nights at the Disneyland Resort. The return of Fantasmic!, however, is something in a category of its own. This is particularly true as the show celebrates its 30th anniversary.

The DAPS MAGIC team was on hand to document this night and have put together a multi-camera recording. Please enjoy the first showing of Fantasmic! in over two years!

What do you think of the return of Fantasmic! to the Rivers of America and Disneyland? What is your favorite part? When will you be seeing it live? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!



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