Say Yes to Kindness, Say No to Hate

Mr. DAPs

It is 2022 and sometimes it is surprising the things that need to be said that feel like they should be already understood. Today is a day, however, where an appeal must be made for kindness and not hate. This may seem fairly straightforward and common sense, but apparently, it isn’t as it is having to be said.

When I was younger, I was very lucky to have some incredible friends. I also had experiences with others who weren’t so friendly. Often this was because I was smaller, was into music and history, loved Sci-Fi, and was just as happy reading as I was playing soccer. At the time, bullying was viewed as something you just had to get through and it would “build character” or something. I’m not sure if that is what it did, but I can tell you I definitely didn’t like it. Now, decades later, people are still getting bullied and attacked for who they are, and that is not ok.

There is no room for bigotry, racism, prejudice, or hate of any kind on DAPS MAGIC or any of its platforms.

This is not a new stance but it is one that will be pursued more aggressively moving forward. This is meant to be a safe place where people can share their love of Disney and beyond together. While there is room for disagreement, there isn’t room for meanness or cruelty.

DAPS MAGIC embraces all people of all colors, persuasions, orientations, beliefs, identities or backgrounds. We firmly believe that every individual has the power to choose to make the world a better place in their own circle of influence by taking the kind approach to situations and not the hateful one.

It is ok to disagree, it is not ok to disrespect.

Moving forward, any comments or actions that are disrespectful/unkind/hateful will be responded to in the following manner:

  • If on a platform where the comment can be deleted, this action will be taken.
  • If on a platform where a comment can’t be deleted, a kind but firm rebuttal will be made.
  • If an in-person comment/action it will be addressed in a kind but firm manner.

All responses to disrespectful/unkind/hateful comments or actions will be in accordance with the DAPS MAGIC Core Values (as seen below).

It is more than ok to disagree, being disrespectful or hateful is not ok. DAPS MAGIC welcomes critical thinking, just not criticism that is directed towards an individual. In simpler terms, don’t put anyone down. It is ok to have open, honest, and respectful discussions and disagreements. Approach these in a kind manner and let’s enjoy geeking out about topics that we love together.

DAPS MAGIC Core Values:

  1. FUN – DAPS MAGIC believes that life is meant to be enjoyed. As a friend of Mr. DAPs says, “if you’re not having fun, you’re done.” That is what it is all about! Let’s have fun together!
  2. POSITIVITY – Coverage will be positive and fair. Critical thinking and critical coverage is acceptable.  Put-downs or attacks of any kind are not acceptable. If it isn’t nice, it shouldn’t be said or published.
  3. MAGIC – All actions should both promote Disney magic and also maintain the integrity of the Disney magic.
  4. RESPECT – All people should be treated with respect. This includes respecting people’s dignity along with their privacy. This also applies to celebrities.
  5. FAMILY FRIENDLY – All coverage and/or publications of any kind should be family friendly.
  6. QUALITY – Coverage should be current, accurate, and meet journalistic standards.
  7. INTEGRITY – DAPS MAGIC will strive to maintain the highest level of integrity in the way it runs every aspect of its website. This includes both honesty in any publication and also ethical and honest behavior by DAPS MAGIC staff.

Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, and more are all topics that we love to geek out about in a fun and respectful manner. Let’s be a beacon of positivity moving forward and make the geek community a better place, a more accepting place, and a kinder place. We hope you will join us in being a beacon of kindness and positive to the community around us. Simple acts of kindness can make the world a better place one step at a time. Join us as we say yes to kindness and no to hate!