New Star Wars “Been There” Starbucks Mugs Arrive at Disneyland Resort

The newest in the line of Star Wars “Been There” mugs from Starbucks have arrived at the Disneyland Resort. These mugs represent three new planets from the galaxy far, far away. They are Naboo, Ahch-To, and Nevarro. The mugs retail for $22.99 and can be found at Star Wars Trading Post in Downtown Disney District. They also have been spotted at the Market House in Disneyland. Their arrival at the Disneyland Resort comes about a month after they first debuted on

Below each of the mugs can be seen below from each direction. Each mug has icons representing the planet and the Star Wars stories that were told at each location. This includes iconic characters, moments, locations, and more.

Star Wars “Been There” Naboo Mug

Star Wars “Been There” Nevarro Mug

Star Wars “Been There” Ahch-To Mug

Expect these mugs to fly off the shelves in the coming days. They also can be found on What do you think of these new “Been There” Star Wars” mugs? Which one is your favorite? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!