Don’t Forget! What You Should Bring to Star Wars Celebration

Star Wars Celebration is just a few days away. For those who are attending, it isn’t just about getting tickets, vaccination/test status, and a parking spot! There are some things to keep in mind for surviving what will be a marathon of a weekend. Below are some things that the DAPS MAGIC team has found helpful at Star Wars Celebration in the past.

  1. Water Bottle – Don’t forget to bring a water bottle and to stay hydrated.
  2. Snacks – Yes, there is food for sale at Star Wars Celebration but it isn’t always convenient to go and get it. Bring some snacks that will help get from meal to meal… whenever they may be.
  3. Comfortable Shoes – Wear some shoes that you can be comfortable walking around in all day and standing in all day. It is surprising how much time one spends on their feet at Celebration!
  4. Comfy Clothing/Outfits – One of the fun parts of Celebration is getting to dress up in some incredible Star Wars outfits. There is quite a range of these outfits and they are all awesome (build everyone up!), when picking an outfit pick something that is comfortable and can be worn all day. Recognize that outside might be quite warm, a hallway might be warm, or… the air conditioning might be quite strong and it might be cold. Be ready to be flexible and be ready to adapt!
  5. Bag – Bring a bag that will carry anything you might possibly want to carry and is also comfortable to carry all day. Nothing is worse than having a bag that causes a back to ache by the end of the day… and then knowing there are three more days… Bring a bag that can be carried comfortably and will do the trick, whether that is carrying cameras, batteries, sweatshirts, swag, or whatever!
  6. Spare Batteries – Bring some spare batteries for devices. Don’t get stuck with a dead phone, camera, or iPad. It’s not fun. Bring any cords or chargers that might be needed as well!
  7. Autograph Accessories – If getting autographs, bring pens/markers for signing and also a bag that will keep the autographed pictures, comic books, artwork, or whatever safe and also dry.
  8. Proof of Vaccination or COVID-19 Test – Make sure and have a wristband proving vaccination status or COVID-19 Test. Read all the details here.
  9. A Plan – Have a plan for the weekend, and with it, realistic expectations. Know that there is a lot to do and a lot to see. Prioritize what to see and do and then be flexible and have backup plans.
  10. A Positive Attitude – Come to Star Wars Celebration with a sense of adventure and an expectation of having fun. There will be amazing moments, people, and friendships to be made at Celebration. Look for the good and then embrace it! Yes, there will be less than perfect moments but look for the good and then let that focus on the good grow! Doing this will make a weekend that will create memories that will last a lifetime. The same will go for the friendships made during this weekend!

Star Wars Celebration is exactly what its name implies, a celebration of all that is Star Wars! Visit this weekend being prepared with the 10 things mentioned above to bring to Star Wars Celebration and have a fantastic time! Then share the highlights of the weekend with DAPS MAGIC in the comments below!

May the Force be with you!

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