Tokyo Disneyland to Rebuild Space Mountain and Re-Imagine Tomorrowland

Tokyo Disneyland is rebuilding Space Mountain and re-imagining Tomorrowland. Today it was announced that in 2024 the current version of Space Mountain will close. This will be a part of a major refurbishment of Tomorrowland. The new Space Mountain will arrive by 2027. It will continue to have the concept of having an indoor roller coaster with guests going on a high-speed adventure through space. However, it will now also include enhanced performance and also immersive special events. This promises to give guests more thrills in their journey and also provide a great connection between Earth and the universe.

Walt Disney Imagineering Producer Kathleen Davis shared, “I’m thrilled to introduce this attraction to guests. It’s not only a whole new ride experience, but the story also has so much emotion. Through the queue and then on the ride, we see our connection to our planet and gain a new perspective for how special it is in all the universe. It’s a roller coaster with both thrill and heart.”

Along with Space Mountain getting re-imagined, Tomorrowland will also get a new plaza that will represent how in the future humans will be in harmony with nature. This area will also provide a space to rest and relax. Guests will also get to enjoy icons and design elements that will create a sense of hope for the future. The evenings will see the land come to life with lighting and sound effects that will even enhance the area even more.

“With the overarching story of appreciating our home (Planet Earth), we are making this change to spread awareness of caring for our Earth and what she’s gifted us throughout time as we know it,” said Owen Yoshino, Senior Creative Director for Walt Disney Imagineering.

More details about Space Mountain and Tomorrowland will be released in the future. DAPS MAGIC will continue to follow this story and provide updates as they become available.

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