Disney Wish Leaves Shipyard and Cruises to the North Sea

The Disney Wish continues to take steps closer toward its inaugural voyage with guests aboard this summer. This last week, the Disney Wish left the Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany and made its way to the North Sea.

The entire voyage took about 24 hours, with the ship cruising the 26 miles on the River Ems to get to the North Sea. The ship moved at two knots throughout the entire process. The cruise had the ship navigating locks, drawbridges, and tight clearings. Disney released photos and a video of the process.

In order for the ship to make its voyage on the River Ems, the conditions had to be exactly right. This included a full moon for a higher tide that would allow the ship to clear the river’s depth. The ship also had to travel backward for the entire cruise to make it to its destination at Eemshaven, Netherlands.

The next step for Disney Cruise Line’s newest ship will be a series of tests to check the ship’s seaworthiness. Following the sea trials, the ship will make its way to Florida where it will take guests aboard its first cruise this summer.

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