Merlin’s Marvelous Miscellany Now Open in Fantasyland at Disneyland

A new store has opened in Fantasyland at Disneyland. Just behind Sleeping Beauty Castle Merlin’s Marvelous Miscellany is now open. The store is inspired by Merlin from The Sword in the Stone. When the park opened in 1995, this was the home of Merlin’s Magic Shop and the new location gives a nod to that. This continues to again add more to Fantasyland that is connected to Merlin and King Arthur with the Sword in the Stone found right next to King Arthur Carrousel in the middle of Fantasyland. All of these would be in Disneyland nearly a decade before the arrival of The Sword in the Stone on the silver screen.

The store is full of props that could easily have come from Merlin’s cottage before he went off with his owl Archimedes to help tutor Wart (Arthur), the future king of England. Beyond the props, there is miscellaneous Disney merchandise for sale. The outside of the building has the lyrics to Merlin’s song “Higitus figitus migitus mum prestidigitonium” painted across the entrance. The shop’s main sign was inspired by the original sign for the location.

Most recently, this location was the home to Castle Holiday Shoppe. It has housed several other stores through the years though. This includes Mickey’s Christmas Chalet, Briar Rose’s Cottage, and Villain’s Lair. When it was the original Merlin’s Magic Shop, it was where comedian Steve Martin would work most often, with less frequent shifts in the magic shop on Main Street, USA after it opened in 1957.

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Thank you to Caitlyn for help with photos and video!

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