Encanto Heading Back to Theaters

Disney’s newest animated feature is getting a second chance in the theaters. After becoming a major hit since arriving on Disney+, Encanto is heading back to theaters. Since arriving on Disney+, the animated musical has been dominating the Billboard music charts. As the movie continues to see success on Disney’s streaming service and also with its soundtrack, Disney is sending it back to the big screen.

On Tuesday, Disney announced that Encanto will be returning to theaters. Disney didn’t announce any specifics about which theaters. However, it is known that it is heading back this week. The return to the big screen for this film comes after it was nominated for three Academy Awards. This includes a nomination for Best Animated Feature.

Encanto tells the story of a family in Columbia with a young girl named Maribel. While everyone in the family has a magical gift, Maribel was somehow not given a magical power. This leads to her questioning her role in the family. The film includes songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also wrote Hamilton.

What do you think of Encanto heading back to theaters? Will you see it on the big screen? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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