Spider-Man: No Way Home Becomes Sony’s Top Grossing Box Office Hit

In its second weekend at the box office, Spider-Man: No Way Home has become Sony’s top grossing box office hit. On Christmas Eve the newest Spider-Man flick garnered an additional $19.7 million. This brought the domestic total to $405.5 million as it headed into the weekend. Previously, the record holder for Sony was 2017 Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. It brought in $404.5 million.

This isn’t the only milestone that Spider-Man: No Way Home is set to reach however. It is expected to cross the $1 billion mark globally before the end of the weekend. This will be the first movie to do this since the pandemic struck in 2020. By the end of Christmas Eve the movie had made $900 million.

As this movie continues to dominate at the box office, it is also becoming one of the fastest movies to reach the billion dollar mark globally. Currently, Avengers: Endgame holds the top spot. It reached the billion dollar mark in five days. This is followed by Avengers: Infinity War which took eleven days to reach the mark. Star Wars: The Force Awakens took twelve days. Spider-Man: No Way Home was released 12 days ago.

Unsurprisingly, Spider-Man: No Way Home is winning at the box office this weekend. The second weekend at the box office, it is followed by Sing 2 which is expected to bring in around $40 million over the weekend.

What do you think of Spider-Man: No Way Home having such a strong run at the box office so far? What did you think of the movie? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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