Disney Ambassadors Alumni Receive Special Name Tags

One of the things that makes Disney Ambassadors recognizable is the special pin they wear while representing their respective Disney Parks and Resorts around the globe. Now, Ambassadors will continue to be recognized for their service to the company for the rest of their Disney careers. This will be done with a new Disney Ambassador Alumni name tag. The newly designed nametag is gold and pays homage to the pin that the Ambassadors wear during their term. The name tags were also inspired for the shape and also the blue color by Walt Disney’s Disneyland employee badge #1. This was worn briefly during Disneyland’s opening day rehearsal in 1955 and then seen on television in The Disneyland Tenth Anniversary Show in 1965

Disney Ambassador Alumni at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts were some of the first to receive this new name tag during their recent Ambassador Alumni gatherings.

Christopher Stewart, 2004 – Walt Disney World

“Two of the things I have always treasured most about my Disney career are the opportunity to wear my Disney name tag and work to humbly exemplify all that it stands for, and the amazing honor it was to represent all of our Walt Disney World cast members as a Disney Ambassador.  Receiving this special name tag is an amazing blending of these two things that I hold so dear.”

Matt Ebeling, 2002 – Disneyland

“It means so much to me that 20 years after my Ambassador experience, unexpected gestures like this name badge remind me that despite transitioning out of the company, I’ll always be a member of the Disney Ambassador family. That is extraordinarily humbling and inspires the question: “So what might the next chapter of our Disney Ambassador journey together look like, and how can I help?””

Rebecca Godsil, 2005 –  Walt Disney World

“Becoming a part of the Ambassador family and representing our cast members is truly one of the biggest honors I’ve experienced, something I will always be humbled by and grateful for.  What an incredible surprise to receive this special name tag to represent that honor.”

Chris Allen, 1996 – Disneyland

“It’s an opportunity to put on the name tag and continue to share our legacy with the cast and the guests. That’s really what the Ambassador program is all about.”

Michael Trujillo, 2017 – 2018 – Disneyland

“It unites us as a global team, being part of the Disney Ambassador Program has always been so tremendous, but the most important thing is that we are all connected globally to all cast members around the world.”

The Disney Ambassadors can all be found on Instagram at:

@DisneylandAmbassador | @WDW.Ambassador | @DLPAmbassador


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