A Magically Foggy Night at Disney California Adventure

On December 1, 2021, the DAPS MAGIC team stopped by Disney California Adventure for an evening watching Phat Cat Swinger. The performances at 8:00 and 9:15 were absolutely wonderful and so much fun. As the night progressed, fog started to creep in on Disney California Adventure. By the time the second set had ended, fog was hanging heavily on the Disneyland Resort. Below are photos of this foggy night at Disney California Adventure.

With the park closing 15 minutes after the performance, a quick adventure was had. Photos were taken in as many places as possible before the closing announcement. It was interesting to walk around and see the fog moving so quickly through the park. Sometimes this meant things were foggier, and other times it cleared up for a minute or two before the thicker fog came through again. Overall, it gave a different kind of magical feel to the park.

By the time the team had returned to the parking structure, the fog was as thick as pea soup. This made the night even more of an adventure. While fog may not be the biggest news story in the world, it is a fun change of pace. to enjoy at the Disneyland Resort. Hopefully, you enjoyed the photos and videos from this foggy night at Disney California Adventure!


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