Trailer for a Book – GEEKS CORNER – Episode 1204 (#578)

Welcome to GEEKS CORNER! This week the GEEKS hone in on two trailers and a movie that has gone into production. They also play a new game and share about Galactic Surplus Co. This week Hocus Pocus 2 went into production in Rhode Island. Along with this movie going into production, more of the cast was announced. Two trailers were released this week, one for a movie and one for a series. First, a trailer was released for Disney and Pixar’s LIGHTYEAR. The other trailer is for The Book of Boba that will be coming to Disney+. The GEEKS discuss both of these. They also introduced a new game called The Not So Magical Markup Game. This week’s episode is a lot of fun geeking out and laughter and we hope you enjoy it! We’ll see you in the corner!