Starbucks Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Been There Mugs Arrive at Main Street Bakery

The most recent ‘Been There’ mug for Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th Anniversary has arrived at the Magic Kingdom. This marks the fourth park’s mug to arrive at Walt Disney World in the series. Earlier this week EPCOT received its ‘Been There’ mugs for Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th Anniversary. Below is a look at what the Magic Kingdom version looks like. The mugs retail for $19.60 and can be found at the Main Street Bakery. The mugs feature icons from the Magic Kingdom.

The first parks to receive the new mugs in the series were Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. EPCOT received its new mugs earlier this week and sold out very quickly.

What do you think of the new ‘Been There’ mugs at Magic Kingdom? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


3 responses to “Starbucks Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Been There Mugs Arrive at Main Street Bakery”

  1. Sandy Farnam Avatar
    Sandy Farnam

    So SAD!! Recent WDW visit found BeenThere StarBucks Magic Kingdom mugs out of stock! (As was Disney Springs) The only option now is aftermarket resale at about $100 with shipping . If anyone has another way please contact me!!

  2. Rebecca Hudson Avatar
    Rebecca Hudson

    Just visited Disney, where can I purchase a Magic Kingdom Starbucks been there mug online?

    1. I hope you had a fantastic trip to Walt Disney World! The closest I would suggest is shopDisney. They have the 50th Starbucks Mug and also some of the Star Wars versions as well.

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