Guide to Eternals: Easter Egg and Comic References

It’s been a while since I’ve written one of these. I thought Marvel Studios was taking its own path that was a little less in exact comic references. It was nice for a while. I didn’t know where it was going. Previously, I read so many comics I knew the plot points and things weren’t too surprising. Now we’re back to some interesting references.

Which I need to give a warning before proceeding. If you haven’t seen the movie, don’t go further. I’m going to spoil some things.

So, now I’ve warned you.

And you still have some time to turn back.

Ok, you ready to move forward? Let’s go.

Sersi and Dane

Sersi was the first Eternal I was introduced to in the comics. She was on the team of Avengers when I was reading that comic fairly regularly. I didn’t really know what an Eternal was. I knew it wasn’t a mutant. But, it wasn’t a human either. I didn’t necessarily care because there were cool fight scenes in the comic.

During the time on the Avengers she was in a relationship with Dane Whitman who was also on the team. All that to say, it was nice to see that connection in the Eternals film. But, we’re not done with Dane yet…

Sersi/Serse in front of Dane Whitman

Dane Whitman and the Black Knight

Dane Whitman in the film eludes to a few of Black Knight references in the film. The first is his family crest on the ring that Sersi gives him. In the credits you’ll notice the crest again referencing that his family has had a hand in the history of the Marvel Universe just as the Eternals have. Next is that toward the end of the film he tells Sersi that his family has a secret. That secret has to do with Sersi telling him to make amends with his uncle. Dane’s uncle was the Black Knight before him (in the comics). This Black Knight was actually a villain that committed crimes and then confesses them to Dane. His uncle tells Dane to make amends for their family’s history and gives him a special sword.

The sword given to Dane Whitman is the Ebony Blade, which is cursed. It’s a good guess that the Ebony Blade is what is in the scene after the last credits of Eternals. But, there is also a reference to another sword that Dane had donned: Excalibur. Thena picks it up on their ship. It could be that Whitman will gain this weapon at some point as well.

Starfox and Pip

The mid-credits scene had a couple characters that will be very intriguing to see in future Marvel films. In the scene, Eros – played by Harry Styles – says he is also known as Starfox and is the brother of Thanos. Both are true in the comics. He also points out that he is an Eternal also. This is correct as well. The Eternals in the comics are not robots. They are manipulated humans on Earth, and manipulated beings on other planets. They’re all still created by Eternals, but not as robots. Could it be that the Celestials were lying in the Eternals film? Could be. Hard to tell right now.

Pip on the left, then Moondragon, Gamora and Drax in the next panels.

Anyway, back to Starfox and Pip. It’s interesting to have them in the mix since their adventures are mostly in space. Starfox crosses paths with other heroes, but in particular…the Guardians of the Galaxy! Pip was even part of a special team of heroes in the comics called the Infinity Watch. They were brought together to guard the Infinity Stones. Besides Pip, Gamora and Drax were part of this team before they were ever the Guardians of the Galaxy! There was another member that is connected to the Guardians as well: Adam Warlock! Coincidence? I think not. At the end of the scene and continuing in the credits was a pretty rockin’ song. Seems like a Guardians soundtrack to me…

Well, that’s it so far. If there was some other connection you noticed in the movie to the comics please comment below. And I hope this all sparks some interest in reading through the comics themselves!

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