Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Announces New Pricing Structure

Promotions and offerings continue for local residents, including new senior offer

HONG KONG, Oct 18, 2021 – Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) has today announced a new demand-based, two-tier ticket pricing structure for park admission, effective Oct 19, 2021. Under this new structure, there will be different pricing for 1-Day Tickets on Regular Days and Peak Days.

The prices for 1-Day Tickets for Peak Days will be HK$699 for General Admission (aged 12-64) and HK$524 for Child (aged 3-11). Prices for 1-Day Tickets for Regular Days will remain unchanged for all ticket types. Under this new pricing structure, these 1-Day Tickets will have a validity of three months. A 1-Day Ticket Calendar showing Regular Days and Peak Days will be available on HKDL’s official website.

For the resort’s Magic Access annual pass program, the new price for an adult Gold Membership is HK$2,228 while that of a Platinum Membership is HK$3,998. The price for an adult Silver Membership remains unchanged. The new prices for student/child memberships under Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers are HK$950, HK$1,588 and HK$2,878 respectively.

While the new pricing structure comes into effect in Oct 19, the first Peak Day will only start on Nov 20, 2021. Guests can continue to purchase Magic Access Memberships at current prices on or before Nov 19, 2021.

Prices for Senior 1-Day Tickets and Magic Access Senior Memberships will remain the same for the 10th consecutive year, and eligible guests with disabilities can also continue to enjoy a 30% discount on 1-Day Tickets for both Regular Days and Peak Days.

This new pricing structure helps spread visitation throughout the year, better manage demand and enable the delivery of a premium guest experience. This approach offers even more choices to guests, in addition to other value added ticket products such as the Magic Access program.

Magic Access Early Renewal Offer

The resort’s Magic Access annual pass program continues to be one of the resort’s most popular options for local residents looking to enjoy the resort multiple times a year. Since its launch in 2011, the program has been continuously strengthened by popular seasonal events and member-exclusive promotional events.

As such, there will be an early renewal promotion to express sincere gratitude to the immense support and unwavering love from existing Magic Access members. From Oct 19, 2021 to Nov 19, 2021, those with memberships expiring on or before Apr 30, 2022 can enjoy a limited-time early renewal discount of 30% on the prevailing prices when renewing at or upgrading to Platinum or Gold Cards together with an extra one-month’s membership.

This early renewal offer is not applicable to Magic Access Senior Memberships or renewal under the Silver Membership tier.

New JoyYou senior offer and continued local promotions

From Oct 19, 2021 to Oct 19, 2022, Hong Kong residents aged between 60 and 64 holding JoyYou cards will also enjoy a special offer to purchase 1-Day Tickets at the price of HK$100, which is the same price as 1-Day Senior tickets (for elderly aged 65 or above). Together with the benefit of enjoying public transport for HK$2 per trip under the Government Public Transport Fare Concession Scheme, these JoyYou cardholders will be able to visit the resort at their convenience and at a discounted rate.

At the same time, HKDL will continue to launch various ticket promotions and offerings throughout the year – particularly for Hong Kong residents to continue enjoying the resort’s diverse offerings and unique entertainment at an exceptional value. One popular option is the current “Double the Fun” promotion for the Halloween and Christmas period this year, allowing guests to enter the park twice between Sep 7, 2021 and Jan 19, 2022. Tickets are priced at HK$699 for adults and HK$520 for children.

Non-stop entertainment continues at HKDL

With the unveiling of the Castle of Magical Dreams and its accompanying stage show Follow Your Dreams, HKDL reaffirmed its continued investment and commitment to the local community through innovative stories and unforgettable experiences. Guest offerings are continuously being updated and refreshed, which is what differentiates the resort as a unique, year-round destination with magical moments upon every visit.

With more sensational offerings and seasonal experiences on the way as part of its multi-year expansion, there hasn’t been a more exciting time for HKDL as it continues to serve as a key tourism icon for the city and prepares for inbound travel to resume.

The resort, as a responsible corporate citizen, has sponsored an average of more than 100,000 park tickets a year through the resort’s Community Involvement Program to bring the happiness and fun to people in need in the past five years.