Creations Shop Now Open at EPCOT!

Creations Shop

EPCOT’s new flagship store, Creations Shop, is now open. This morning the store’s opening marked another step in the transformation of EPCOT.

According to a post on the Disney Parks Blog, Creations Shop celebrates Disney’s legacy of creativity. This is done by honoring the nostalgia of EPCOT’s past and also the exciting promises of EPCOT’s future. There are one-of-a-king art installations, contemporary architectural design, and souvenirs that come together to bring both the story of EPCOT and also Disney creativity to life. Everything in the shop was chosen for a reason to help represent story elements and create a memorable shopping experience.

Throughout Creations Shop, Mickey Mouse can be seen in many different forms. This is because Mickey has inspired creativity and serves as a symbol of Disney’s creativity. In the shop, there are large murals and also 10 original sculptures that can be found. These were created by Disney Imagineers.

Merchandise that is dedicated to EPCOT will be available at Creations Shop. Creations Shop will also exclusively offer the EPCOT Light & Color Collection. This is an assortment of futuristic gear that is inspired by EPCOT’s historic transformation. The EPCOT Light & Color Collection explores the story of EPCOT through its whimsical application of light along with bold color coupled with some iconic EPCOT landmarks and characters. This was done much of the same way that the Creation Shop was designed.

Creations Shop can be found in the World Celebration neighborhood at EPCOT!

What do you think of Creations Shop? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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