Bret Iwan, Voice of Mickey Mouse, Debuts New Mickey Merchandise

Bret Iwan, the voice of Mickey Mouse, is doing more than just lending his voice to Mickey. He also now has designed a line of merchandise that inspired by the world’s most famous mouse. As a part of the Disney Artist Series collections, Bret’s designs can currently be found at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Starting tomorrow, they will also be found on as well!

Since 2009, Bret Iwan has been the official voice of Mickey Mouse. Since well before then, he also has been an illustrator and designer. He has put these talents to use to create this new Mickey Mouse merchandise. His various designs of Mickey Mouse can be found on a backpack, baseball cap, long sleeve top, sweatshirt, and t-shirt.

According to a post on Bret’s Instagram, the designs the designs feature “artwork, hand lettering, and symbols often found littering my scripts during a recording session.” He continues saying, “this collection says it all when expressing the joy I experience playing a part in the magic of Mickey Mouse.”

Bret Iwan brings Mickey Mouse’s voice to life on products, video games, theme parks, films and television series that can be heard around the globe. This collection has been particularly exciting to him as he has gotten to combine two of his loves with Mickey Mouse and design.

What do you think of the designs that Bret Iwan has brought together for his MM SCRIPT BY BRET IWAN collection? This is just one of collection that is a part of the Disney Artists Series collection. Nanako Kanemitsu also has a line that will be arriving on tomorrow as well. Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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