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Walt Disney World Offering Signing Bonuses for Housekeepers and Line Cooks

Disney is offering $1,000 signing bonuses for housekeepers and select kitchen staff at Walt Disney World Resort. According to a post on its website, Disney is offering the first part of the bonus if the new hires stay in their positions for at least 90 days. The rest of it is given after 150 days.

The positions being offered are full time with the housekeeping roles offering $16 per hour and the advanced line cooks receiving $18 per hour. Chef assistants can start at $19 per hour.

Disney has been rehiring cast members since having to lay off thousands last fall. At this time. It has been bringing many workers back. In Florida, 33,000 of over 41,000 members of the Service Trades Council Union have returned a representative said. 15,000 of the 32,000 cast members have returned to work at Disneyland the company said.

Disney has said that it has re-hired three-quarters of those affected by the furloughs and work reductions. Disneyland continues to bring back 300 cast members a week. The company is looking to hire many more this summer and fall as travel demand continues to grow again.

For those interested in these bonus, the official details can be found at the following links:

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