Knott’s Berry Farm Updates Policies for Face Coverings

Knott’s Berry Farm has followed suit as most of the state of California relieves COVID protocols as of June 15. The Knott’s resort now urges those who are not vaccinated to wear a face covering throughout the park. Those who are vaccinated are not required to wear a covering. The coverings are required for those unvaccinated in public settings that are indoors. This all follows where many other theme parks are having the same requirements. Information can be found on the site under their safety page.

12 thoughts on “Knott’s Berry Farm Updates Policies for Face Coverings”

  1. Michelle Welker

    I’m fully vaccinated and I have proof however how are they gonna know once inside the park for ones who say they are not wear a mask then take it off

  2. Briggitt Avalos

    Who cares if you are vaccinated you shouldn’t worry and why do you want places to discriminate on why don’t you want everyone to get back to normal

  3. That’s why I’m not going this summer to these amusement year maybe this is a joke straight from hell.. vaccinated people are going to be spreading this virus around.

  4. Well you can’t. Just like any other place people have freedom of choice. If you are still afraid maybe you should just keep your mask on.

  5. Only 10% are wearing masks inside the park. 90% of kids under 12 are not wearing mask. No hand sanitation throughout the park. Proceed at the park with caution given the rise of Delta Covid variant.

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